Career Strategy Advice from Harvard…Sort of

In today’s Management Tip of the Day: 3 Classic Strategy Mistakes to Avoid published by the fine folks at Harvard Business Review, the cautionary words advise against:

  1. Keeping underperforming businesses.
  2. Pushing growth.
  3. Cutting back on cost-cutting

The same can be said regarding career advice albeit slightly modified.  Beware of:

  1. Keeping underperforming or outdated habits. What are you doing today that you should stop doing?  Some behaviors and habits may have served you well earlier in your career but may no longer be getting you the results you desire. Some may be downright derailers.  Identify these and move away from doing them so you can focus on the activities that will provide you the most benefit and help you catapult your career forward.
  2. Pushing for growth. Haranguing your boss to give you new responsibilities and varied projects won’t lead to advancement unless you are knocking it out of the park with your current responsibilities.  What can you do to make sure you excel at your existing responsibilities?  Are you building strong, solid relationships with your peers before looking to schmooze with those above you.
  3. Cutting back on cost-cutting. When things improve, remain focused on the bottom line and on accomplishing your goals.  Even as times improve, organizations are likely to be leery of expenditures and quick to make cuts in underperforming areas.  Keep building your skills, be judicious in what you ask for, continue to prioritize needs and build strong business cases for major expenditures or investments including salary increases.


One thought on “Career Strategy Advice from Harvard…Sort of

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